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Engineered Hardwood

Skiing in the winter, cozy fireside reading, summertime windows thrown open for an ocean breeze…it’s the Maine way of life. But for hardwood floors, it can be a game of gymnastics. Swelling in summer months in response to temperature and moisture. And shrinking in the winter due to heat and lack of humidity.

Engineered hardwoods are constructed to mitigate some of that. First, engineered hardwood is real wood. We think it should be called dimensionally stable hardwood. And that’s because they are built like a hardwood-layer-cake. The top layer is beautifully prefinished hardwood. That layer is attached to additional layers of hardwood with the wood grain running in opposite directions. This creates a tension which prevents most of that movement.

Fabrica Engineered Hardwood

There is a nearly limitless array of looks and finishes from hand-scraped farmhouse vibes to a clean mid-century minimalism. There are even options that are well-suited for radiant heat. Our showroom is filled with options that you can take home and try out in your own space or you can play with our room visualizer tool.



Introducing our new line… Happy Floors. As owners of Port City Flooring, my husband and I are often traveling to see new products and bring all types of beautiful flooring and rugs to Maine! This Spring, we traveled to Nashville to see the latest trends. That’s when we fell in love with Happy Floors. True to the company’s name, their tile elicits a feeling of joy because it’s so beautiful. Look at this stone-like ceramic tile. The Happy Floors team has traveled the world to image actual stone and then reimagined them in rectified porcelain. So stunning! In a variety of oversized sizes down to small mosaic tiles, these pieces work for walls, floors, backsplashes, and more. We think the tiles with hints of blue echo our beautiful Maine coastline. Come in and see our gorgeous sample boards today. And the best part is, when you settle on a few options, we can give you samples to take home.

Happy Floors Tile
Happy Floors Tile
Happy Floors Tile

Area Rugs

The need for cozy comfort is a huge driver of home trends right now. And that means a shift toward warm tones, organic neutrals rooted in nature and ancient motifs. Here’s an easy way to bring that texture and color to your home quickly and without a lot of fuss. Area rugs bring instant change to a room. Whether a 12 x 15 or a slender runner, area rugs offer an opportunity to layer, texturize, and pull a room together in an updated look that delivers the comfort your sanctuary deserves.

This Akina from Loloi Rugs is a perfect example. There is a hint of charcoal to pull in your grays into a supporting role instead of center stage. On the other hand, the neutral honey and brown tones spread warmth across the floor–very grounding. When it comes to comfy, texture is also important. In this case, the hand-knotted wool adds softness to bare-footed mornings.

Loloi Area Rug
Momeni Area Rug

It used to be that it was a no-no to put an area rug on top of another area rug. Also a no-no? Putting an area rug on top wall-to-wall carpeting. Gone are the days of rules restricting where you can put an area rug.  And thank goodness, because area rugs offer so much versatility. If you are joining the move from grays to honey tones, putting a foundational layer of natural sisal or tan-colored synthetic sisal provides a great canvas. Then, you can layer smaller area rugs on top and change them out as often as you like. 



No matter your budget, no matter how many splurges you have planned, is there anything better than finding a steal?! One of the most fun parts of our job is buying extras from our manufacturers and taking these extras to fashion them into gorgeous rugs and runners. Because we get them at a discount, we love passing that along to you. 

That means our remnants are a treasure trove of delightful high-end deals! From wool to nylon, we offer these custom area rugs and runners from the highest end lines, high quality… and big time savings. Come see for yourself. 


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